March 9, 2020: Full Moon in Virgo

Full Moon in 19 degree Virgo has a theme of change within a love relationship that could be magical and romantic or a change that is one of dissolving + confusion.

Closest aspects to the moon are: (1) opposition to Neptune (separating aspect) + (2) sesquiquadrate Venus (applying).

Few other observations: (1) Mercury is retrograde at the exact degree it was in the shadow period- it’s about to go direct (think back to what happened February 1-2, 2020- Mercury was at this same degree). (2) Saturn is almost at the critical 29th degree (3) Venus is conjunct Uranus and (4) Venus is sextile North Node

I think this Full Moon will be relating to another person (moon opposition Neptune)- and it might be a magical time, confusing time, or time that this relationship will dissolve, or some endings since Neptune rules Pisces which is 12th house matters or lack of clarity in a relationship. It will likely be relating to the person you were dealing with during Feb 1-2 2020.

But because this is a full moon- there is a CULMINATION of something. A culmination of a relationship or it’s culminating in a natural end.

This Moon’s stressful aspect to Venus (square and a half aspect)- and like all variants of square aspects- this shows some start or change in a relationship … that has a feel of being sudden or exciting (since Venus is conjunct Uranus). Yet, I don’t think this is all bad because Venus is sextile the North Node- which is almost always lovely.

Look to see what happens around March 5th 2020.

How could this play out for me?

  1. Falls in my 12th house or 1st Whole House
  2. Moon quincunx my natal Pluto and Moon conjunct my natal North Node
  3. Venus conjunct Uranus is exactly conjunct my natal Chiron + sextile my natal Mercury
  4. Mercury rx is conjunct my natal Sun
  5. Side Note: transit Mars is conjunct my natal Venus

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