March 24, 2020: New Moon in Aries

Closest aspects the New Moon makes: (1) square Node (separating) (2) conjunct Chiron (applying) (3) semi-sextile Uranus (4) semi-square Venus (change in love, possibly).

Few other observations (and they’re all HUGE!): (1) Jupiter is at 23 degree– big degree because at this degree it is considered 0 degrees in Vedic astrology- and I’ve noticed this is an important degree. (2) Jupiter conjunct Pluto conjunct Mars (3) Saturn at 0 degree Aquarius

I don’t know if I like this New Moon. And I think it’s linked to the December Solar Eclipse. It’s confusing because that eclipse had themes of positivity (but it was also a South Node eclipse- usually letting go of something)… So you would think this would be positive too.. but..

This New Moon is slightly scary- I’ll tell you why. It’s separating from the square to the Node (some sort of fated change). It is conjunct Chiron- the wounded healer- and I’ve noticed that Chiron shows up when there’s pain, death, or unhealed wounds. (i.e. think of a scenario where someone died a long time ago and you hadn’t processed it until now or something to that affect). And then the semi-sextile to Uranus is change; And I’ve read it’s also the fear of change or stifling of independence/ individuality/ freedom with this semi-square aspect.

I don’t know, man, seems weird. I can’t put my finger on what this feels like… but because the New Moon is conjunct Chiron- feels like it will deal with us (personally) or relationship (conjunctions and oppositions usually deal with us or another).

Think back to what was happening on Christmas 2019 or the day after.. should relate to it.

And with all the background noise – all speaking to CHANGE- with Saturn in Aquarius and Jupiter entering Vedic Capricorn and the Jupiter/ Pluto/ Mars conjunction .. I have no freaking idea what it all means.

BUT because this is linked to a good (supposedly) December 2019 Solar Eclipse- shouldn’t this all end well? I don’t know, honestly. That Solar Eclipse was conjunct Jupiter and was a South Node eclipse. I do not want to fear monger- but I have often seen Jupiter in times of death. Who knows. Let’s just wait and watch.

Watch around the dates of March 24- March 28-ish …

UPDATE March 5, 2020: I FIGURED THIS OUT- So, that Solar Eclipse in Dec 2019 is all related to this New Moon three months out. And it’s clearly the Coronavirus. Makes perfect sense:

  1. Jupiter and Neptune are involved in pandemic infectuous diseases (clearly, even in good aspect like this sextile)
  2. December 2020 Solar Eclipse was a South Node eclipse- not good- letting go.
  3. Jupiter, surprisingly, shows up in times of deaths (think back to Dec 2019 Solar Eclipse)
  4. This new moon confirms it- heavy Chiron ie deaths + Uranus ie sudden.

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