Fate Versus Free Will

I’m a fatalistic astrologer. I think everything is fated. Astrology shows you that the timing is just uncanny. But, listen, we (even astrologers) cannot predict shit. We don’t know what will ‘happen.’

We can predict- kinda, sorta- that there will be this energy (based on what planets are interacting).. and it will be good or bad or nothing (based on the aspects they make).. and maybe they’ll involve money, or love, or sex, or fun, or children, or relationships, or work, or death, or sickness, or health, or travel, or whatever…

Truthfully, TIMING is easy as eff to tell in a chart.

What will happen is impossible. If we can guess correctly it’s because we’ve narrowed it down to a multitude of possibilities and guessed correctly based on some intuition, luck or past experience with those two planets interacting.

My advice- and I see this a TON- DO NOT PLAY THE WAITING GAME.

Do not tell yourself, oh when Jupiter conjuncts my Venus I will find love – and so until then I will do nothing. Listen, something can happen or nothing can happen.

And, yes, I am a fatalistic astrologer and believes everything in life is fated- but what if I am wrong- I MYSELF take action- because if I am wrong about Fate and Free Will- at least I freaking tried in this lifetime.

And, besides, nothing ever happens as we think it will, right?

PS Oh BTW when Jupiter conjuncted my Venus- not jack shit happened- not one thing .. not the day of … not the day before… nor the week before or after… NOTHING happened lol.. So there you go. But astrology works- that I know- but never in the way we think it will. I make zero decisions based on astrology. …

I do look forward to certain times- which is EASY to tell in astrology… I just happily anticipate and hope for the best!

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