Under all the New Moon, Full Moon, and Eclipses (I’ll refer to them as “Moons”) I have started going back and analyzing how they affected me. I explain step by step how I break it down in my chart and what exactly happened to me… as a learning tool in learning how and when moons affect us.

This is my method:

  1. I analyze the actual Full/New Moon or Lunar/Solar Eclipse chart. I look at the aspects and give the Moon a THEME.
  2. Then like all of us… we wait… to see what happens. I’m very detail-orientated, so I watch very carefully and record when the Moon HITS and what it brought to me (i.e. the actual event)
  3. Analysis: Then, I add at the bottom after the Moon has occurred my analysis.


  1. HOUSE IT FALLS IN: See what HOUSE the degree of the “Moon” fell in my chart. For a Full Moon, I look at the house where the MOON fell (and I always consider the opposite house as just as important!). For a New Moon, I look to see what house the Sun (& Moon) conjunction falls in.
  2. WHICH NATAL PLANETS DOES IT HIT: More importantly, I look to see the closest aspect that the “Moon” makes to my NATAL PLANETS. I only use 1 degree orb for Full/New Moons and MAX 2 degree orb for Eclipses.
  3. THE MOON’S ANGLE/ASPECT TO MY NATAL PLANET: I look, then, to see what ASPECT the Moon makes to each natal planet. Squares = bring “change,” Oppositions = I always think of this as “dealing with another [person, dealings, etc],” Conjunctions = “bringing something in or removing of” [whatever that planet represents], Quincunx = Change, usually of a letting go or that it is out of our hands, Trine and Sextile= Positive/ Easy brining of something.
  4. THEME OF THE MOON: Then, I look at ask myself – the theme of the moon which is the same for everyone- How will it personally affect me based on the house, natal planets and aspect/angle it makes to a natal planet.

A great, quick analysis I did using my checklist is for the September 28, 2019: New Moon in Libra. And I’m continuing to add the analyses for each of them as they unfold.

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