June 5, 2020: LUNAR ECLIPSE in Sagittarius

UPDATE: Wow- Mars square Venus rx was not sexy for this eclipse – it was very bad for lots of people in love it seemed. But because Venus rx was linked to this eclipse, it doesn’t make this permanent, thank goodness

Lunar Eclipse at 15 degree Sagittarius

The lunar eclipse is making a very tight square (change) aspect to Mars (action). This aspect comes very shortly after the full moon perfects. This signals an action filled full moon that brings action-oriented change.

Also- the moon makes a semi-square to Saturn after the full moon perfects. This could mean that feelings need to be set aside in order to do some hard work. A semi-square shows change. And because this is to Saturn- it can end up being permanent or solid.

However, the last aspect the moon makes before the full moon eclipse perfects is opposite Venus Retrograde. This can suggest that it deals with culmination of a relationship with a past love or dealing with money owed coming back.

Truthfully …

I think that this could be a fun and sexy time! The Moon opposing Venus can be a good and loving time.

Shortly after the full moon perfects, the Moon squares Mars. So, you’ll see that there is a Venus Retrograde square Mars… and that is SEXY! There could be some action or impatience in attaining the one you love(d) in the past…

And because Venus will be Retrograde, it implies that it may involve some past love interest or previous money situation that is revisited.

In my opinion, the more important aspect that this lunar eclipse makes is to the Venus Retrograde because it’s the last aspect before the moon become full.

I think TONS of people will be getting engaged or married under this eclipse.

Lunar eclipses can be felt one month to the day before the eclipse. Look to see what happens between May 5th through June 5th.

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