January 10, 2020: LUNAR ECLIPSE in Cancer

Lunar Eclipse at 20 degree Cancer

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse culminates into a tense aspect to Mars. Mars can precipitate action, anger or haste.

After the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse hits, the next tightest aspect is an opposition to Mercury. Mercury deals with communications, contracts or deals.

I think there will be some impatience or action or even some anger that leads to some meetings, communication, agreement or possibly even proposals with another person.

This s a North Node eclipse- it will bring in a culmination of something.

Watch what happens between December 10 2020- January 10 2020.


  1. House: Falls in my 11th house (Hopes & Wishes). Also, affects the opposite 5th house (Love).
  2. Natal Planet: Hits my natal Neptune (which is Ruler of my 7th whole house)
  3. Angle: Eclipse Moon makes a Quincunx (change, different direction, sometimes letting go) to my natal Neptune. Eclipse Moon in my 11th house making quincunx aspect to my Neptune in 4th whole sign house.
  4. Theme: Analyzed above
  5. Prediction: Culmination (Lunar Eclipse) of some hopes, wishes, luck or love (falls in my 11th house) that will make a change, move me into a different direction or even a letting go (quincunx) for my home (hitting natal Neptune in 4th house) – dealing with some relationship or business partnership (my Neptune rules 7th house)– And this will be dealing with some action that leads to an agreement or proposal (Theme of the Eclipse analyzed above).

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