November 26, 2019: New Moon in Sagittarius

New Moon at 4 degree Sagittarius. Sorry to report, not a good New Moon. Plan on suddenly letting go of something and being pretty pissed off about it.

Sun makes a quincunx to Uranus. That means there will be a sudden letting go of something.

Sun makes a semi-sextile to Mars. This means that the New Moon will be expressing or repressing anger, aggravation, irritation or even pure competitiveness. (from The Practice of Prediction by Nancy Anne Hastings).

I expect that the SUDDEN, UNEXPECTED LETTING GO of something will precipitate (i.e. cause) ANGER, IMPATIENCE, AGGRAVATION OR IRRITATION.

UPDATE: Sooooo, how did this affect me… let’s analyze:

This New Moon fell in my 3rd house= communications

It squared my natal Mercury exactly. It’s in my 6th house but that had nothing to do with how this played out for me [BUT if I test my hypothesis – that maybe Whole Sign Sign systems may work- then my Mercury is in my 7th house, which would make more sense]. The fact that it squared (stressed aspect/ change) my natal Mercury which is also my ruling planet = planet that rules my ascendant sign is important= affected me.

Theme of the moon? Look above- anger impatience, letting go/ sudden shit. Yup.

What happened to me that New Moon? Well…. the fighting started between me and this guy I spoke about in earlier moon posts. There was anger and impatience. Our relationship started to show its cracks. Lots of threats between us to break-up started… all initiated by yours truly, too (hit MY ruling planet, so maybe that’s why I was so irritable and using all sorts of threats to leave him).

The BIG ass fight was.. 4 days after this New Moon hit!

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