December 26, 2019: SOLAR ECLIPSE in Capricorn

Tightest aspects that the Sun in this Solar Eclipse in 4 degree Capricorn makes is:

Conjunct Jupiter and trine Uranus.

The Solar Eclipse New Moon is conjunct Jupiter. This is an OPTIMISTIC and LUCKY New Moon! Jupiter is in its debilitated sign of Capricorn, so we see what Saturn in Capricorn is doing and it is good in its own sign. But even a debilitated Jupiter is still GOOD, just weaker than, say, if it was in its own sign of Sagittarius.

This is more important than the trine it makes to Uranus. However, this trine to Uranus suggests that something exciting or new will be the trigger to this optimistic and happy Jupiter.

The affect of the New Moon Solar Eclipse can be felt on the day it happens through one month out, so look out to see what happens on December 26th 2019 through January 26th 2020.

MY DECEMBER 22, 2019 EDIT TO THIS POST: Looking back, this eclipse at the same degree and sign happened back in June 2010. Although, that eclipse was a Lunar Eclipse and this 2019 one is a Solar Eclipse. Also, what is different about the eclipses that I wanted to make note of – that is very important- is that this is a SOUTH NODE conjunct eclipse (and 2010’s was a NORTH NODE one). 2010’s brought an wedding proposal to me. North Node eclipse BRINGS something in. This is a South Node eclipse, so I do not expect the same- actually it might take something away. .. And that kind of freaks me out, honestly. Fingers crossed all is good!!

“PREDICTING:” WHAT DO I ANTICIPATE THIS WILL BRING?: Predicting what an eclipse will do for you is nearly impossible. Eclipses bring the fated things in our life by warping time. Let me try, though… and we’ll see if I’m even close when I later analyze what this eclipse did/or didn’t do for me.

  1. House: Falls my my 5th Whole House.
  2. Natal Planet: Aspects my natal Mercury in my 7th Whole House. I’m Virgo rising. Ruling planet = me
  3. Angle: Sextile (to my natal Mercury)- positive, easy aspect
  4. Theme of Moon: Optimistic and Happy! BUT it’s a freaking South Node eclipse, I don’t know what to make of this part.. will it bring something or take something away from me? Unsure right now.
  5. Start of (Solar Eclipse) of some love or romance (falls in my 5th house) that will be positive and easy (sextile) for my relationship or signing or agreeing to something (hitting natal Mercury in 7th house) – dealing with me or some mercury-like event like signing, agreeing to something (my Mercury rules my 1st house)– And this will be optimistic and happy (theme of the Eclipse analyzed above). It should HIT between December 26th 2019 – January 26th 2020.


So, I’m still waiting to see what this one brings. I know that eclipses can hit three months out. So I will be watching to see what this March 24th New Moon (at 4 degree Aries) will bring – should be linked to this Solar Eclipse (at 4 degree Capricorn). Keep you posted.

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