December 12, 2019: Full Moon in Gemini

Full Moon at 19-20 degrees Gemini will bring a letting go, loss or separation that will bring a change in your relationship or with your money. It is more likely that it will suddenly end things (or the very slight chance that it chance it can solidify things if there is no separation or loss).

The Full Moon coms exact is a quincunx to Saturn. Because this is Saturn, it has can have a chilling affect or a solidifying affect. Very likely because the aspect from the Moon to Saturn is a quincunx, it points to sudden loss or separation. This is the most important aspect that the moon makes.

Interestingly, there is a stellium/conjunction of Saturn with Venus and Pluto.

Of or to what, you might be asking yourself? Well, since the Moon is making a quincunx to Venus also, it points to suddenly not loving someone anymore or losing a love interest or suddenly losing money. OR it can suddenly bring in money or a love interest.

And how? Moon is also making a quincunx to Pluto also. This could mean by manipulation or control. Whatever it brings, it’s pretty permanent because this is Pluto, after all.

Full Moons affect us up to 4 days before it perfects, so look to see what happens on/ between December 8th though December 12th.

UPDATE: Sooooo, how did this affect me… let’s analyze:

Fell in my 10th house (Whole House System). Because it’s a full moon, it also affects the opposite house= career, house, endings

Aspects my natal Neptune. Neptune is in my 4th house= home. Neptune rules my 7th house= relationship.

Full moon aspect: in opposition my natal Neptune. So, dealing with another..

Theme of moon (above): sudden loss, separation.. difficulty with love.

Yup! All of the above happened to me. Me and the guy broke up. And I happened to move out of my place. But I don’t think this moon had anything with moving, but instead had to do with my relationship. The full two weeks between the unstable last new moon and this full moon culminated into a break-up.

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