September 28, 2019: New Moon in Libra

Theme of this New Moon is the sudden, letting go of something.

Sudden because the closest aspect the New Moon makes is to Uranus (sudden).

The aspect it makes is a Quincunx (letting go or change)

I just experienced it. I was planning and waiting for an opportunity to come to me and was suddenly told that it would not be happening as planned. In fact, it’s not happening at all. Expect the unexpected.

Comment below as to what has happened (or been taken) from you.

UPDATE: Sooooo, how did this affect me… let’s analyze:

New Moon fell in my 1st house = me

It made a quincunx (1 degree orb) to my ruling planet, Mercury, in my 6th house = work

Theme of this new moon was sudden letting go or something from the past (because Uranus was rx)

I had been offered a job a while back and something happened that was out of their control and mine- and I ended up not getting this job (me quincunx job). It was sudden and unexpected (theme of the moon).

When did it happen for me: 1 day before the New Moon on September 27, 2019.

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