October 27, 2019: New Moon in Scorpio

New Moon at 4 degree Scorpio.

New Moon’s tightest aspect is in opposition to 4 degree Uranus retrograde.

Not much more to say here except that think EXCITING and UNEXPECTED encounter or situation or revelation with another person. Maybe the best parts of Uranus will play out and it can be a SPONTANEOUS time or, at worst, DISRUPTIVE.

The last time Uranus was direct at that exact degree and minute was on May 31, 2019- June 1, 2019. Think back to that time and that might give a clue as how it might play out in your life.

Whatever the case, expect the unexpected with this New Moon.

Look to see what happens October 26th- October 31st.

UPDATE: Sooooo, how did this affect me… let’s analyze:

New Moon fell in my 2nd house. Ok, weird .. because this new moon had nothing at all to do with my earned money matters. But, if we looked at my chart from the WHOLE HOUSE sign perspective, then it fell in my 3rd house – which makes sense with how this played out with me. SIDE NOTE: I hate making new “rules” in astrology for my analysis to make things “fit” but there is no other way to explain this, other than the whole sign perspective – which I generally do not use. Maybe I’ll see if Whole Sign House system works better for New Moons vs. Full Moons. Not sure, anyhow…

It made a trine to my ruling planet, Mercury. Mercury is in my 6th house. Again, doesn’t fit. In the Whole House Sign system= Mercury is in my 7th house. THIS FITS. So, okay we’ll go with Whole House for this analysis (it is noted in my head that this is fitting New Moons… so maybe it’s better to use whole house for new moons? We’ll see moving forward to see if this hypothesis fits..).

Theme of this full moon was “EXCITING and UNEXPECTED encounter or situation or revelation with another person.”

And that it was for me! I met a man I REALLY freaking liked. I met him online. And it was funny because it was very random that I even decided to look and respond to people on my dating app that morning. I was frustrated and surprisingly I found myself chatting away and suddenly liking this man. And let me tell you… I haven’t dated anyone in a while now- so this was new, unexpected, exciting and very very surprising.

So, it dealt with 3rd house matters (online dating/communication) = where the New Moon fell in my Whole House Sign system chart. It directly opposed my Mercury in my 7th (relationships) of the Whole House Sign system chart. AND It was sudden and unexpected meeting of another (theme of the new moon).

And again, I do not love using house rulerships, but let’s see if it fits. Mercury rules my 1st house= me. And, duh, it dealt with me. So, it fits!

When did it happen for me: Essentially, because the new moon is almost the on the 28th because it is so late in the night: it was 1 day after the New Moon on October 29, 2019.

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