October 13, 2019: Full Moon in Aries

Full Moon is at 20 degrees in Aries.

Closest aspect that the Full Moon makes trine to Jupiter. The next closest aspect is square to Pluto.

Full Moon trines Jupiter so it will be a positive moon. People might find that the Full Moon brings traveling, foreign travels, a gift, and general positivity.

However, this Full Moon is also square Pluto in tight orb. There will be a change that could be major or transformative. So, what Jupiter brings could be the impetus of a major, transformative change.

It’s an intense Full Moon that is both transformative and positive. More positive because Jupiter is the tightest aspect to the Full Moon. This is a BIG one!

Full Moons are usually felt up to 4 days before the actual full moon hits. So, watch what happens around October 9th- 13th.

UPDATE: Sooooo, how did this affect me… let’s analyze:

Full Moon fell in my 8th house (exactly on my 8th house cusp, in fact). So, as I see it- it was affecting both 2nd and 8th house matters.

It make an opposition to my Pluto in my 1st house (me), opposition to my Moon in my 2nd house (earned money), quincunx to my Uranus in my 3rd (communications), and a trine to my Neptune in my 3rd house (communications); and my Neptune is conjunct my 4th house cusp (home). [I use tight orbs for full and new moons: Pluto (1 degree orb off from the Full Moon), Moon (3 degree orb- BUT it’s conjunct my Pluto so I consider it activated), Uranus (exact, 0 degree), Neptune (exact, 1 degree).

I’m going to include this to see if this at all matters: Pluto rules my 3rd house; Moon my 11th; Uranus my 6th; Neptune my 7th.

Theme of this full moon was that it was positive and would bring a transformative change.

I got a new job on this full moon!!!! Very positive (got the job) and transformative (had to move for it). Let me show you………..So, obviously this deals with 2nd/8th house matters (earned income/change) overall. It dealt with me (opposition Pluto in 1st), earned money (opposition Moon in 2nd house). There was lots of communication since I interviewed with 4 people in a quick manner where interviews were set up speedily (quincunx my Uranus in my 3rd house) AND I much later found out that 3 out of 4 of the people I interviewed with were AQUARIUS, so Uranian to say the least! And lastly, I had to move across country for the job (trine my Neptune which is conjunct my 4th house).

I don’t love house rulerships; I love seeing the aspects the new and full moons make to ACTUAL NATAL PLANETS, but let’s take a look if it had anything rulerships of my natal houses: Does it does with 3rd, 11th, 6th and 7th house matters? Yes, communication. Yes, it was lucky. Yes, it definitely dealt with work. And, I guess yes, it deals with 7th house matters because it was a form of a contractual agreement with another. Check, check, check.

When did I get the job offer: October 9, 2019. Four days before the Full Moon!

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