Case Study: Melania Trump and Marriage

Admittedly, I am obsessed with looking at charts of people of when they first meet their significant others, their charts when they get engaged and when they get married.

Secondary progressed charts work wonderfully. They are simple to read and plainly show the event. What’s great about them, too, is that you can read them even if the birth time is unknown.

I reduced the orbs down to 35% for we can see the tightest aspects between planets.

Below is the Stand Alone Secondary Progressed Chart of Melania Trump (birth time unknown) when she married President Donald Trump:

Progressed Mars is EXACTLY trine Progressed Jupiter in her chart on the day she married Donald Trump. The orb is only 0 degrees 15′ minutes.

I see trines, specifically, between two secondary progressed planets a lot during marriage.

I used an under <1 degree orb to time the event. Here, this chart fits perfectly with Mars and Jupiter at close to an exact trine.

To read a Stand Alone Secondary Progressed Chart I simply use the archetypes of the two planets. Mars trine Jupiter describes Donald Trump, in my opinion.

According to AstrologyKing,

Mars trine Jupiter natal is an indicator of success in life. Some may call you lucky but you actually make your own luck through a strong self-belief and good, honest intentions. No one can doubt your strong work ethic and productivity.

You are bold, confident and never shy to try your hand something new or difficult. This aspect is particularly noted for its physicality with a sexy appearance, strength, and athleticism. Victory in sports and war can also apply these days to the business world and politics where your leadership talents bring loyal colleagues and fans.

You would make a good warrior but your integrity and generous nature bring more compromise and win-win situation than hostilities. You are the one who will take the first bold step to make things happen for the benefit of all involved. It may be your instinct or judgment but decisive action is definitely your strong point.

Getting people to work together on common goals may also come down to your tremendous creative talents. This is an aspect of birthing, applying your ample energy and initiative to making something big, useful and successful.

There is also primal creative energy behind your sexuality. Yet the proud manner in which you express your sexuality can be far removed from the survival of the species. The sexual magnetism you ooze wins you many admirers but can also open many doors in life.

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