Case Study: President Trump & Impeachment Talks

Today is September 26, 2019. New day, new Trump impeachment talks. This one has been going on for a few days now about Ukraine, Biden, blah blah.. Yet, the reason I bring this up because it has a more serious tone to it, unlike previous impeachment talks.

I’m going to make the case for Stand Alone Secondary Progressed Charts and why they’re so freaking awesome. Stand alone secondary progressed charts are not to be confused with progressed charts compared to the natal placements.

Below is his progressed chart (inside) and the transits to them (on the outside in green) for August 23, 2019.

First quick timeline:

July 25th: Call between Trump & President of Ukraine

August 12th: Whistleblower Complaint Made

Today: Shit’s HIT the Fan

Let’s see why:

(1) His Progressed Chart shows a Progressed New Moon

(2) Transit Mars is a trigger planet that hit his progressed new moon after the whistleblower complaint

(3) Transit Uranus is squaring his progressed new moon. **Watch for November and early December 2019 when Uranus will hit this by retrograde exactly! ** And then again when Uranus hits these points again by direct motion in May 2020 and the few months after.

(4) Interestingly, the August Quarter Moon is at 0 degree Virgo which is a tense aspect VERY close to his progressed new moon at 2-3 degree Virgo

Now, look at Trump’s Natal Chart with the Current Transits Around it. It’s not as telling as the Standalone Secondary Progressed Chart. Something to think about..

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